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Arts Sequence Music

The ArtsLearning Experiences

Arts Sequence Music
  • Introduction building from previous lesson discussing concepts learned.
  • Watch the YouTube trailer ‘Shake a Leg’ to introduce concepts of story and dance.
  • Use a graffiti strategy to answer questions prompted by the teacher.
  • Students will compare two dances, The New Zealand Haka and The Aboriginal Crane Dance in groups and write down their findings in a Venn Diagram.
  • Research the dances using iPad’s and inquiry learning.
  • Students fill in reflection Journals – 2 questions they have, 3 things they learned, and 2 things they want to know more about. (on computer or journals)
  • Aboriginal Dance Performance showcasing Aboriginal Dance, Music and Instruments (L2). Students are encouraged to learn steps and dance movements with instructors.

How will children work? 

Students will work in groups for all activities in lesson 1 and 2. This is a collaborative learning exercise

How many Lessons?

2 x 60 minutes

  • Co-operative learning – enhances social learning by building student relationships and beneficial interaction to increase academic outcomes (Blumenfeld et al. 1996).
  • Inquiry Learning strategy:
  • Multi-modal strategy: Multimedia can represent content knowledge meshing with variable learning styles and appealing to a variety of modal preferences (Birch & Sankey, 2008; Moreno & Mayer, 2007). Multimodal learning allows instructional elements to present in a variety of modes such as visual, aural, written modes to increase learning performance (Sankey, Birch & Gardiner 2010, p. 853).
  • Technology Strategy: Technology fosters engagement and motivation in learners and helps cater for increased academic outcomes and different learning styles (Eady & Lockyer 2013, p. 71)


  •  Students will explore how tempo and dynamics communicate ideas and enhance music performance.
  • Students will understand how music helps convey meaning and purpose.
  • Students will be able to reflect and respond to music from different cultures and contexts.

The ArtsPedagogical approaches and teaching strategies

Arts Sequence Music

The ArtsQuestions and Provocations

Arts Sequence Music

Graffiti Strategy Activity:

  • Why do people dance?
  • How can dance communicate ideas?
  • What purpose did the dances have in the Shake a Leg story?

Venn Diagram:

  • Compare the dances:·
  • What do the dancers look like?·
  • What sounds can you hear?·
  • What movements do the dancers make?·
  • What is the purpose of the dances?
  • How does each dance make you feel?

Examine and find five reasons why cultures around the world use dance and music and why is dance an important cultural artefact?


Graffiti Strategy:

  • Students can draw pictures instead of writing.
  • Group response assists with eliminating nerves and writing difficulties.
  • The end result is a collective result of all ideas and thoughts through learning collaboration.

Venn Diagram;

  • Use of a Venn diagram itself is a differentiation strategy as it provides students with alternative ways of cognitively comprehending concepts and varying levels of complexity by which to process information and is great for content differentiation (Roberts & Inman 2007, p. 71).

The ArtsDifferentiation Strategies

Arts Sequence Music

The ArtsAssessment and Evaluation strategies

Arts Sequence Music
  • Observation (Formative)
  • Graffiti Strategy (Formative)
  • Venn Diagram (Formative)
  • Journal reflection (Formative / Evaluation) – used to develop instructional strategies, further planning or explicit instruction and evaluation of learning comprehension.
  • Feedback and Questioning: Is provided ongoing by the teacher to guide and inform learning both verbally and in journals. (Formative)

The performance provides engagement and motivation for students and provides a modelled approach to scaffold their learning for their own task. Technology also provides motivation, increases inquiry skills and provides for differentiation and multimodal responses. The use of the video provides motivation and construction of knowledge.

The ArtsResources

Arts Sequence Music

New Zealand Haka

New Zealand War Dance
Open Video

Aboriginal Crane Dance

The dance of the crane
Open Video

Shake a Leg Trailer

Shake a Leg Trailer
Open Video

Venn Diagram

A Venn diagram uses overlapping circles or other shapes to illustrate the logical relationships between two or more sets of items
Open Venn Diagram

Graffiti Strategy

During the Graffiti strategy, students brainstorm ideas and record them on large sheets of chart paper. This is a creative way to collect thoughts from all or most of the students in the classroom
Open Resource